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Our Speed. Your Vision. No Compromise.

HALO is a real-time, size, weight, power and cost optimised video processing sub-system, designed for fast integration of high-performance vision capabilities into any demanding video application. HALO can enhance existing imaging or mission compute systems with optimised, multi-channel video management and developments alike.

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  • Multi-standard interfacing
  • Supports four or eight video channels
  • Low power, small form factor - SWaP optimised
  • Modular HW/SW configuration
  • High processing bandwidth
  • Ideal upgrade component
  • Best in class image processing IP library; Stabilisation, Fusion, Distortion Correction and NICE
  • Complementary to host/mission computers, demanding data links and standalone applications

HALO provides specialist users with enhanced vision for day / night operation and under poor weather conditions, leading to a significant operational advantage. It is delivered as a customised, enclosed or open chassis sub-system, and is supported by de-risking prototyping and demonstration tools, and development options to all users to bundle 3rd party IP without sacrificing performance.

HALO can provide operational advantage for;

  • Surveillance: increases range and identification capabilities
  • Situational awareness: enhanced data management and other features
  • Data links: releases and optimises use of available bandwidth
  • Directional platforms (PTZ, RWS): increase effectiveness and consolidate functions

Processing Engine
At the centre of the HALO architecture is a highly integrated real-time digital processing solution, based on the latest generation of FPGA based, high integration system-on-chip (SoC) devices, such as Xilinx ® ZynqTM -7000. The platform implements RFEL's flexible SoC framework, enhanced by a Linux operating system, which presents the highest possible bandwidths to user applications. 

HALO I/O Capabilities

  • CameraLink
  • Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • Analogue interfaces: CVBS and Component (to SXGA)
  • SFP based interface plug-ins, incl. HDMI


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HALO Sample Block Diagram

The HALO RPDS products utilise a plug-and-play ecosystem of power supply, processing and video interface cards summarised below, to quickly assemble complete specific video processing sub-systems.



Form-factor Mezzanine, plug-in daughter cards
Dimensions 90mm x 75mm (3.6" x 3")
Interfaces (internal) Through-stacking backplane: high density, vertical
Monitoring PoL power and source temperature monitoring
Operating Temp. Range 0C to 70C,  commercial, aircooled (32F to 158F). Extended range available (conduction cooled)

Xilinx Zynq 7020 (Artix, ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore)

Xilinx Zynq 7030 / 45 (Artix, ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore)

Memory Up to 1GB Shared DDR3, DRAM, 1GB + 128MG FPGA
DDR3 DRAM & on-board SRAM

4 x Video Channels, Host Comms. LVDS/GIO.

8 x Video Channels, Host comms. LVDS/GIO
& 6Gbps serial lines

Other Features

3D Accel'r. SHA-1 EEPROM. LV CAN & UART. GigE.

2off RS232 / RS422 / RS485 Comms
GPIO Sync outputs for Cameras
1off CAN Bus Transceiver

Input Power Range 10 - 36v
Functional Interface

CameraLink, Dual Base (PoCL with aux PSU), 85MHz

Gigabit Ethernet, Dual 10/100/1000BaseT

Input & Output SD / HD / 3G SDI

2x Input & 2x Output PAL / NTSC / SECAM CVBS

1 x Input & 1 x Output, 10b VGA to SXGA

HALO VSS System Overview Diagram


HALO Demonstrators
HALO-81-01-01, HALO 83-1/22-11, STAB-01-0X
Available off-the-shelf, this series of fixed configuration demonstrators are ideal as trial units or sales tools and are examples of what can be produced with the HALO design approach. Includes a standard definition infrared sensor enhancement unit and a full colour high definition distortion correction device.


The 'Rapid Product Development System' offers a fast route to delivering custom video processing platforms for applications with specifc but diverse interface requirements. Simply select a processor card, and then add up to four additional interface cards from a selection of off-the-shelf designs to generate a low risk prototype or short run production sub-system.


Finally, for serial production, and to conform to the toughest of user requirements, a fully customised HALO sub-system is the natural choice. Can be packaged with the user specified external connectors and qualification, or as an open chassis.

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