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Correlator AX is RFEL's highest performance multi-channel, multi-rate correlator offering high-sensitivity Unique Pattern (UP) detection from multiple interleaved data streams with differing sample rates. Correlator AX provides the ability to analyse multiple channels obtained from different carriers in real-time using advanced parallel processing. Analysing each channel in real-time, the correlator can search for up to 2 UPs on each analysis and provides reliable identification with low False Alarm Rate.

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  • Advanced pattern recognition
  • Real-time, back-to-back processing
  • Multiple analysis with interleaved channels of differing rates
  • Multiple unique patterns per channel
  • Partitioned correlation to mitigate frequency errors
  • Cross correlation with user defined UPs
  • Auto correlation for normalised correlation coefficient
  • Channel data and UP widths adjustable to balance FPGA resources and performance
  • Designed to interface with ChannelCore Flex IP core


  • Big data search
  • EW RF signal detection
  • Communications
  • Physics
  • 1-D image correlation

UPs can be detected by continuously searching each channel by using the real-time correlation between the channel data stream and the user supplied Unique Symbol Patterns that are expected to occur within a transmitted data stream. Correlator AX output consists of the interleaved channel data and time-aligned correlation coefficient.

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Correlator AX Architecture Block Diagram​​



Input format AXI4 Streaming, ChannelCore Flex
Output format AXI4 Streaming
Control IF AXI4 Light
Input Aggregate Sample Rate
(sum all input channel rates)

Typical implementations to 250 Msps

Input Resolution

Typical implementations to 18 bits
​Number of Independent
Interleaved Analysis Channels
1 to 1000's
Unique Pattern Length Typical implementations to 1024 words
Unique Pattern Resolution 1 bit to input resolution
Correlator Output

Cross correlation co-efficients time aligned with channel sample data streams

Input Type


Parameters can be adjusted at build-time on request, to suit requirements

Platform Support

  • Altera
  • Xilinx

RFEL offers a range of options and additional IP blocks, which allow this product to be delivered in the configuration best suited to the precise needs of a particular application. For more demanding requirements, deeper systems integration, or in cases where further customisation is required, RFEL also provides design services to help with the process of integration.


Part Number

Correlator AX Xilinx Kintex® -7

​IP 03-01-K7

Correlator AX Xilinx Virtex® -7

IP 03-01-V7

Correlator AX  Xilinx Virtex® -6

IP 03-01-V6

Correlator AX Xilinx Virtex® -5

IP 03-01-V5

Correlator AX Altera Stratix® -V

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All RFEL IP Cores are supported by a detailed bit-true Matlab™ model of the processing. Contact RFEL for options to evaluate performance.

For peace of mind RFEL provides a twelve month warranty as standard. If required, this can be extended as part of a contract at a reasonable extra cost.

RFEL understands that customers might need some support in integrating the IP cores into their systems, and so offers support packages that can be booked separately.


Number of Channels


Maximum Unique Word Length




Data Input Width

8 bits

Data Output Width

8 bits

Partition Sizes

8, 16 and 256







18k RAMs


36k RAMs





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