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Channelisers and Down-Converters

Channelisers and Down-Converters

RFEL provides a wide range of channelisation and digital down conversion IP cores. All of these are highly optimised for best in class performance to resource usage ratios. With more than a decade of experience in high specification channeliser designs and over a hundred different designs built, RFEL has derived a set of proven, standard IP cores that suit 90% of customer requirements. For even more demanding requirements, RFEL provides bespoke design services.

To support the range of channelisers, RFEL offers optional input and output data processing.

All of the IP cores come with extensive documentation, bit-true MATLAB models and VHDL testbenches. The IP cores are available for Xilinx and Altera FPGA devices. Other FPGA vendors are subject to adoption.

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