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Product Design

The customer is always in control of the product development. This is guaranteed by the transparent development process and several industry standard quality gates.

RFEL has a long history in achieving the maximum in silicon efficiency with its designs. In comparison with other design approaches, this is the key enabler to highest possible performance and best in class size, weight and power (SWaP) optimised.

Using RFEL's Product Design Services guarantees;

  • Optimal FPGA implementation regarding performance and resource usage
  • Fixed price
  • Fixed delivery dates
  • Requirements capture and full test coverage
  • Warranty and professional support

RFEL has evolved a high quality, de-risked product development process which offers;

  • Matlab based algorithm development and system simulation for early performance testing and algorithm optimisation
  • Industry standard PDR, CDR, FAT quality gates
  • Large, fully tested and documented internal IP library to enable fast, de-risked developments
  • Highly integrated and parallelised firmware, software and hardware development for quick turn-around times
  • Multi-stage testing for firmware and software with full coverage and reporting
  • Full production and user documentation
  • Full qualification and certification to customers’ requirements

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Customer System Design Process Map

As agreed with the customer.

For peace of mind, RFEL provide a twelve month warranty as standard.  If required, this can be extended as part of a contract at a reasonable extra cost. 

RFEL understand that customers might need some support in setting up the products, training or integrating them into their systems, and so offer support packages of 10 hours each that can be separately booked.

Full product development #1

CS Product Design

This enclosed data acquisition board was developed for a confidential client according to specified requirements. After successful prototype testing, board and firmware were fully qualified and productionised in time and in cost. The client is ordering the board in 10-50 lot quantities.






Full product development #2CS Product Development

This 19” rack based measurement system is developed for a confidential client against a functional requirement specification. The approach was de-risked by a commercial-off-the-shelf proof of concept demonstrator. The product development included system design, full firmware and embedded software development including a host system API. Three different custom PCB were developed and tested. The mechanical design and integration had been outsourced to one of RFEL’s trusted suppliers. The system was formally tested and fully qualified to international standards.

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