RFEL signal processing iq : fpga expertise





Management Team

  • Dr Alex Kuhrt

    Dr Alex Kuhrt

    Dr Alex Kuhrt, MD, has almost twenty years' experience in management and product development in the defence and aerospace markets. Prior to joining RFEL, he was a senior project manager at Rheinmetall Defence Electronics. In this role he was responsible for several key programmes including electro-optical sensor systems and safety-critical aircraft systems.

  • Eddy Fry Thumbnail

    Eddy Fry

    Eddy Fry, Technical Director, has had over twenty years' experience in radar and digital system design. Before joining RFEL as the Chief Digital Design Engineer, Eddy worked primarily in the defence industry for one of the leading defence electronics companies. In this role he was closely involved in several key programmes, including multi-function and tracking RADAR systems, and safety-critical Microwave Landing Systems design projects.

  • Ian Ventress Image

    Ian Ventress

    Ian Ventress, Engineering Manager, responsible for leading the Engineering team and project management at RFEL, has had nearly thirty years’ experience in digital design and the electronics industry. Whilst at RFEL and previously as a Principle Engineer for one of the leading defence electronics companies, has been lead Engineer on numerous digital board and FPGA designs, implementing high speed digital signal processing for many market sectors including radio astronomy, specialist test equipment, EW, naval and land based RADAR .

Sales Team

  • Richard Streeter Thumbnail

    Richard Streeter

    Richard Streeter is Sales and Marketing Director. He has been working the UK defence electronics industry for over 26 years, delivering high-performance EW and SIGINT solutions both in the UK and worldwide.  After graduating from Imperial College, London, Richard was employed by a UK prime as a Hardware Engineer, developing many digital board solutions with FPGAs developed in VHDL.  More recently Richard was engaged in product management, and in his last role prior to RFEL, as a product portfolio manager in the avionics sector, providing business development, marketing and product planning.

  • Wayne Cranwell Thumbnail Image

    Wayne Cranwell

    Wayne Cranwell is responsible for Business Development of RFEL’s Video Processing products. He has held a commercial role at RFEL for over three years, across the full range of company offerings, delivering directly to a UK and international customer base. Prior to this, Wayne was an embedded product developer in consumer, industrial and defence electronics for over 15 years. Initially a Digital Design Engineer, he has designed and project managed the development of numerous  hardware, software, IP core and system level products for internal and external customers.

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